New Wine in the Old Bottle Case Study Essay

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< New Wine in the Old Bottle> Case Analysis

To Break Old Bottle

Written by Helena

Course name: Creativity and Business Innovation

< New Wine in the Old Bottle> Case Analysis

To Break Old Bottle

Key Topics Covered In My Case Report

Problems Microsoft are suffering

Causes of Microsoft’s problems

Actions Microsoft may take


The new CEO of Microsoft, Mr. Satya Nadella, is leading his big troop in a new developing adventure, facing an array of issues. Its company flagship products, Windows operating system and Office application products have enjoyed popularity for an era, but now they are being challenged by new popular products based on mobile platform and are also
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By then, Microsoft can’t abandon its old business organizing method, not thinking about to develop one unique operating system which is specific for smartphone. Actually if Microsoft can create one new mobile operating system to suit its Windows Mobile at that time, and taking advantage of its great power on operating system, it will be easy for Microsoft to capture the first-mover position. It’s a pity that Microsoft presented this priceless opportunity to Apple, After Windows Mobile, Apple launched iPhone equipped by unique iOS operating system and made great success. A company which is strong at operating system finally lost the opportunity on mobile because of its operating system. Ironically, five years later after iOS launched, Microsoft finally launches its specific smartphone operating system. But it is too late.

On online services, similar story happened again. Seven years after Google incorporated, Microsoft built its own search engine-Bing which was dwarfed by Google in many ways later. And Bing and its online advertising service representing its online service division became the company’s only losing product group.

Uncertainty on Integration of New Acquisition of Nokia
Microsoft has successful experience on acquisition and integration of software-related companies, but till then, no any successful reference on acquisition of one non-software-related company.(3) Especially, Nokia is also one big company with more
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