New World History

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Learning about Pocahontas in class made me very interested in the topic of Native Americans coming over to “The New World”. I grew up learning that Native Americans were perfectly fine with people coming over from England to conquer their land, as Disney casually depicts it. During my research for the paper I watched The New World which was nothing like Disney’s Pocahontas. Even though they both were missing some key history elements. The New World was directed by Terrence Malick, produced by Sarah Green, and the screenwriter was also Malick. The film-makers were pretty accurate with the big parts of the movie; I could imagine that these parts of the movie were changed to make movie more exciting and entertaining. The film blends recorded…show more content…
So the props, costumes, sets, etc. were hand built for the film by these masters, utilizing native woods, plants, leaves, metals, fabrics, etc. and working from historical writings and drawings, and with the assistance of an advisory board consisting of more than a dozen archivists, librarians, professors and others. The important recreation of Fort James was accomplished with wood chopped out of growth in the actual Jamestown area, just as the English would have in 1607. All other elements - clothing, makeup, hair designs, guns, swords, bows & arrows, etc. - were constructed under Fisk's supervision from materials which would have been available to the Indians and to the English colonists at that time (IMBD, 2). In the film, Fort James was actually built on land off of Little Creek Dam Road in Toano, Virginia. The city of Werowocomoco was built across the river in the Chickahominy Wildlife Management Area, which is a very beautiful area. The agecroft hall in the movie is the real hall from the fifteenth century. It was transported from Lanacashire to Windsor Farms on the James River in 1925. It is now also open to the public. The “Susan Constant” ship also appeared in The Scarlet Letter and Disney’s Squanto: An Indian Warriors Tale. All of the shots taken from England in the movie were all filmed in
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