New World, New Mind: Changing the Way We Make Decisions Essay

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Kristi Thornton Environmental Studies 2030 New World New Mind In the first chapter, the author talks about how most people’s attention is on eye-catching images, instead of what is going on in the world. People care more about murders, airplane crashes, etc. instead of the exploding populations or the growth in the amount of nuclear weapons that exist. Because of this, our environment starts to deteriorate. The environment will continue to deteriorate, and such events will be out of control until the human race realizes just how selectively the environment persuades the human mind, and how the biological and cultural history determines our comprehension. The book is about fundamental connections to our past and how the human race can…show more content…
The third part to the human dilemma is that all nonhuman species have evolved to survive their physical habitats, and the human species originally evolved to do this as well. However, human beings have altered the world more in the last ten thousand years, than the ancestors did in the first four million years. We have changed the environment to fit our needs, instead of changing our needs to fit the environment. Most importantly, humans have built entirely new environments, such as farms, villages, cities and towns. The cycling pattern of human expansion and creations has changed the human race from small groups of hunters and gatherers, into a very complex civilization. Most human ancestors evolved biologically, meaning the changes were encoded into our genes, happening over thousands of years. During recent history, the adaptations of the human race have taken place by means of cultural change. Examples of the cultural change are the invention of agriculture, cities, industry and technology. Cultural evolution and change happens at a much faster pace than biological evolution. Cultural evolution can make changes in a decade, or less. As a result, humans are losing control of the future. Changes that take place over the years has threatened the civilization. Although the human race is evolving, just as every other species does, our brain won’t change biologically in time to help us solve the problems. Our brains have evolved enough to understand a small

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