New World Order in Conspiracy Theory

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New World Order (conspiracy theory)
This article is about the use of the term New World Order in conspiracy theory. For other uses, see New World Order (disambiguation).
The reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States (1776). The Latin phrase "novus ordo seclorum", appearing on the reverse side of the Great Seal since 1782 and on the back of the U.S one-dollar bill since 1935, means "New Order of the Ages" and only alludes to the beginning of an era where the United States of America is an independent nation-state, but is often improperly translated by conspiracy theorists as "New World Order".[1]
In conspiracy theory, the term New World Order or NWO refers to the emergence of a
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Thus, activists around the globe formed a world federalist movement bent on creating a "real" new world order.[11] In the 1940s, British writer and futurist H. G. Wells would go further by appropriating and redefining the term "new world order" as a synonym for the establishment of a scientifically-managed world state and socialist economy.[12]
During the Red Scare of 1947–1957, conspiracy theorists of the American secular and Christian right increasingly embraced and mongered unfounded fears of Freemasons, Illuminati, and Jews being the driving force behind an "international communist conspiracy". The threat ofworld communism in the form of a state atheistic and bureaucratic collectivist world government, demonized as a "Red Menace", therefore became the main focus of apocalyptic millenarian conspiracism.[13]
In the 1960s, right-wing populist individuals and groups with a producerist worldview, such as members of the John Birch Society, disseminated a great deal of conspiracy theories claiming that the governments of both the United States and the Soviet
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