New Year Eve

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Case Analysis: THE NEW YEAR’S EVE CRISIS . 1. About how to tell the restaurant not to serve the food or to change the cooking standard at the late hour . B . Its an issue because of they have to take in to consideration the effect of what their decision will bring to the new company because they don’t want to loose there customers. C. This issue concerns some areas on ethical concepts because ...Mike was thinking about the larger number not just himself(utilitarianism), also the consumer safety is important ,fairness and dignity is important. 2. The first facts of the case is that the seafood stuffed pasta shells has been shipped to the biggest customer and they were tainted with salmonella. Another fact is that it’s…show more content…
Irrespective of an outbreak or not, not informing the client would affect Mike’s effort to bring Michael’s Homestyle Pasta’s culture into Southern Pasta Company. It would send a signal to people that Mike isn’t different from the previous employer. Mike would never get the same appreciation from Southern Pasta Company’s employees as he gets from the Michael Homestyle Pasta’s and thus will find it difficult to develop a similar healthy working culture. Call the clients Allowing clients to know about the contamination gives them a chance to be sure that they cook the food base on the required norms. Although the restaurants may decide to not use the contaminated batch which may lead them in demanding for a refund. There is also possibility of them taking the pasta out of their menu. They may also start looking for another supplier, but since they did not switch from Southern Pasta Company after the first recall time, we can assumed that they have no other potential suppliers. Also they would be willing to give Mike a chance based on his record. there wont be any legal implications in this alternatives. the FDA will have limited intervention since is a business to business dealings. Still there is possibility for press releases to express the situation of things and their stand towards the issue. It will set a good example for everyone at
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