New York At The Army Right Now All I Need

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There the 4 of us were sitting in New York at a bar when an army recruit comes over to us and says “Do you want to make your country a better place?”.Then he says “Join the army right now all I need is your name and home address. Jack and Fred said they had wanted to sign up since kids but were scared. So we all signed the paper and gave him what he needed. We all went home in the city as normal working men that got drunk most nights out the week. After two days of signing up to join the army we were called and me, Jack, Ricky, and Fred all showed up to the airport. We were told to get on a plane to go and train at the army base when we landed. They called out that they needed more snipers and all four of us volunteered to begin training…show more content…
I waited a few minutes to get over it and I started to look around for a first aid kit to analysis my wounded shoulder. I crawled out in the field about ten feet and grabbed a medic pack but when I lifted it up it was empty.The next one I saw was about 15 yards away.I crawled to that medic kit and then crawled back into the wounds after I checked to see if it was full. When I tore open my shirt the wound had been much worse than I had thought.I used my other arm to reach around and feel if there was a bullet exit. I found that there was a bullet exit but it had shattered my bone and my arm was almost completely dead. I fixed it the best I could by myself and with what I had. I just wrapped the wound up. Next I got up and went into the woods to search for the group of Americans that I was here fighting with.We had a contingency plan of where we were going to go if we had lost and needed to retreat. I went out looking for our camp since we had all had to remember where the camp was. I had walked for two or three miles and then night fell. I had just sat down and leaned up against a tree about to go to sleep when I saw a light coming my way. I watched it a minute and I saw that it was one of the American sniper squad named Jack. I walked over to him and saw that he had our battle plans for the next day when we attacked and I asked him why he had those and what he was doing with them. He never answered my
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