New York City

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New York City is always bustling, after all, it is known as the city that never sleeps. There are only a few places that offers an escape. Ever since Governors Island have opened its doors for visitors, it has been the escape. However, the Island needs to go through some changes to be a perfect recreational area worthy for the people of New York. History To understand the Governors Island and fix its problems, we need to look at the history. It was originally owned by the Lenape tribe and used as a fishing camp, the island was called Pagganck or Nooten Eylandt, meaning Nut Island. This is because the island was home to many chestnut, oak, and hickory trees. In 1637, a Representative from Holland purchased the island from the tribe. A few years later, New Amsterdam was captured by the English. As more people moved to the lands around the island, the demand for the island went up. Between 1664 and 1674, the British and Dutch fought for control over the island, and the English won in the end. In 1784, the island got its name because it was used for “benefit and accommodation of His Majesty 's Governors”. After the revolution, Governors Island was used as a US military camp for the next 200 years. The island was originally less than half its current size. The 69.4 acres of the historic district of the island is the original island. After the military got control of the island, they decided to expand the island, adding 103 acres of new land. With the technology available at the

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