New York City Essay

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New York City

Every time I hear this song it makes me long to leave all of my responsibilities and head off to the city of dreams. A trip to New York has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. I have always wanted to visit the place of tall buildings, history, and where culture is intertwined with its people. I have wanted to live the fast pace life of a New Yorker, where I could stand outside and see, smell, and taste all of the experiences that this city has to offer. I have been building and building this ideal image in my mind for so long. If I ever get to New York, will I be disappointed by the city that never sleeps? The city that is a part of almost every movie I watch. Can New York live up to the expectations I have
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My husband thought this to be a bit corny, but not me. How exciting it was to hail my first ever cab to the city. The taxi ride itself was long, but I was to busy to care, because I was taking in all of the sites like a vacuum. The true moment of the taxi ride came to be once we entered the city of Manhattan. The taxi driver was true to form by honking, speeding when allowed, and not caring if we cut off anyone during our drive. The traffic from the airport to the city was a big jumbled mess. I have never experienced traffic this bad before. I was so excited once our taxi man paid the toll to get into Manhattan. Paying that toll was like gaining access to a secret society. The city, it people and the buildings welcomed us with open arms.

The sounds of the city penetrated the walls of the cab as we drove through the streets of Manhattan. I could hardly wait to partake in the action that was happening outside. The buildings themselves were an amazing site to behold. The buildings took on personalities of their own. Each building was bigger and more graceful than the next. When lights were added to the mix it was a dazzling combination. The city itself felt like a great big hug, and I felt overwhelmed by its power. The city allowed me to become part of it just like many others many years ago who immigrated to this awesome city. As I was looking out of the cab I finally got to see in person the sight of all sights; Times Square. The main juncture of

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