New York City

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If Turkey is on a bucket list, do not be surprised by the genuine kindness and hospitality that will be shown in the home. ‘Taking good care of the guest’ is almost a motto lived by true Turkish (Turkish, n.d.). Listed above was just a few of the bigger countries with wide cultures and gastronomy; now this paper is going to focus closer on some major cities in the United States.
Gastronomy and Culture in the United States New York City is a huge city with a big name to uphold. The population of 8 million, not including the tourists, has high expectations of a great culture and food. New York is known for bringing recipes and cultures from all over the world and then recreating them to make it their own. There is almost every kind of food you could think of around New York, along with a certain place that specializes in that genre. The culture of NYC has a diversity like no other. Almost half of the populating in NYC was not born in the United States. There are over two hundred languages that are spoken in this city (Country, 2015). With all of this in mind, combining all these different ethnicities and cultures makes for a cosmopolitan city unlike any other. The most known attractions in NYC are Times Square, Central Park, and Broadway. All over the world people are familiar with these sites. These are the things that makes NYC “the city that never sleeps”. As mentioned before, the food is brought from all over the world and then recreating to fit the New York City

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