New York City

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As a young, idealistic, and confused teen, I have a lot of dreams. These dreams are a bit scattered to the winds at the moment, but I can pin down at least one of them: my dream to go to New York City. Despite the fact that New York is many miles away, I still find myself wanting to go there. I don’t have family there, or anything easily nailed down like that. Instead, I want to go to that city for a few touchy-feely reasons that can only be explained with a bit of personal context. It’s a bit hard to describe my dream (since it’s more of a feeling then a concrete thing), but I’ll try my best to break it down into three tangible reasons. I could go on and on about all sorts of micro-reasons, but the main reasons I want to go to NYC are because of the general attractions, the fashion, and the culture. Well, to get it out of the way, the first reason I will talk about for going to New York City is because of the general attractions the city has, as in landmarks and famous places. Unfortunately, describing the interesting places of a city or town is a bland staple of any essay that focuses on a vacation destination, including this one. With New York, the general attractions (although spectacular), are a bit worn down. NYC’s famous places have been heard about by everyone and have been in everything, making the city a bit of a tourist trap. With all of those famous buildings, museums, architecture, and landmarks, how could it not be? New York being a tourist trap isn’t

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