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New York City and its immigrants are the central topic in Garnette Cadogan's essay "How to Walk Around the World Without Leaving New York". Immigrants consist of Native Americans, Refugees, and Tourists who choose to build a life in the Big Apple. Diversity, adventure, and sense of home are just a few of the many offerings that the city provides its inhabitants. Improving my claim, I selected several examples from Garnette Cadogan's essay.
Diversity is the mixture of races and religions that make up a group of people. Some of the facts that I can mention are their food, music, and art. This is now part of New York City because of the immigrants who came to this city to give the best of their cultures and at the same time they fulfill their goals, becoming an enormous group, making New York City a diverse state. A quote for this is in the Garnette Cadogan's essay "Immigrants are central to the allure of the city. It's a truism the city repeats endlessly to itself: immigrants provide a rich diversity and cosmopolitan flavor that awaken one's senses and enliven one's sense of identity". An example is one year ago when I came to this state from the Dominican Republic. My initial idea of the city was mundane because I got used to watch Hispanic television all the time so I thought New York was composed just of Hispanics and Americans. After going to BMCC my perspective of New York City changed. I started to notice people from countries that I've never seen before and I started to learn about their culture, for example, the scarf that Muslim women wear known as hijab. Also, when I went to the Korean Town at 34 street, I ate a taiyaki, a fish-shaped bread filled with chocolate or strawberry. I liked it so much that now is one of my favorite snacks among other things. New York City provides me the opportunity of knowing other cultures and hoping that I'll learn more.
New York City is the perfect place to go for adventure because anywhere you go, it will be something new to discover. I can classify this in two words, experience and familiarity is what New York City can offer to its inhabitants. The experience of the places that you went before, their mystery, their memories, either if they were good or bad. The

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