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Gray, charcoal clouds, hung in the musty air. Noisy honking and shouting came from every direction. Constantly police and ambulance sirens charged through the streets, interrupting the car's ear-splitting conversation. People trudged through the streets below, panic eternally in the air. Buildings stood tall above everything, observing endlessly. A shade of continuous grey fell across everything. The towering skyscrapers, the fussy cars, the dirty streets, and the people; their faces drowned of everything but grey. This place was New York City. On June 6th, 2017, in one certain grey apartment building, in apartment 303 lived a man, just a man that lived alone. He just happened to wake up every morning to the lovely sweet sound of an alarm clock screaming at him. And on this very special occasion, his coffee machine just didn’t seem to work. Lucky for him it’s a Monday. Mondays are always great. Especially when you have an outdated apartment that has the view of another dirty apartment building and all of your furniture is the color of exhilarating grey. Wonderful indeed. After this man left apartment 303, rambled down the scummy cement stairs and out the shabby double doors and into the busy bustling of the streets. A tsunami of people marched from each direction like a poorly put together marching band, going this way and that, bumping into each other like it had been choreographed. The man waited until there was an open spot in the crowd and kept his pace until he

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