New York City - Original Writing

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It was 5pm, rush hour, New York City was flooded with cars. I clenched onto my tall, nonfat latte with caramel drizzle, as my taxi driver jerked me forward. Finally, Fay and I had arrived at the City Insider Hotel. Nothing special I thought, but definitely worth the $85 per night we spent. We had been saving up for a little under a year now for our trip to New York City. It was not often that people from Sterling Heights, Michigan would go to the big city. We were on a low budget considering we had to pay for our round trip plane tickets, food, hotel, and souvenirs. The taxi driver was considerate enough to unload our suitcases from the trunk. I rolled my suitcase over to the door, which looked like it hadn 't been open for a decade. Fay…show more content…
I have had enough of traveling for one day. I would at least like to be able to go into my room and relax.” I stretched my hand out and ever so slightly tapped on the bell until I heard a slight ring come out.

“Coming, I heard you open the door” a voice responded coming from the back room behind the front desk. An old woman who looked as if she had seen daylight for the first time emerged from behind the door. “How can I help you?” replied the woman in a curt monotonous voice.

“We would like each like a room with queen beds please.” I answered trying hard to sound cheerful.

“There is only one room that is vacant right now, the other rooms are currently occupied. If you two want a room in this hotel, you are going to have to share it.” Fay and I looked at each other and we knew what we had to do.

“We will take it, one room for two please.” I exclaimed and slid over $85, in cash, for

tonight. The woman swiped the money away and placed it into the cash register.

“You have room 3B, it is on the third floor, first door on the left.” The woman murmured

as she tossed the keys into my hand.

“Thank you again” Fay said as we strolled away with our suitcases. We desperately

wanted to be in our room that we decided to take the stairwell. It was the closest thing to us and our room was only on the third floor. Fay and I clutched our luggage and lugged it up the stair until we finally made it to the third floor. I pushed open the door and let Fay go
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