New York City

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Whenever we grow up, we have places that we want to move to. Sometimes, home is the place that you want to be, but some other times it isn’t. This decision can be based on many different things, for example, having family nearby, opportunities, and the cost of living, which these two places are very highly populated cities that are in two different countries, and both they speak English differently. London and New York are these options because of the culture that they have, and also, there are very opportunities there, and right now, New York City is looking more favorable because it would be easier to get there. One of the main reasons that New York looks more promising, is because of the culture and because you can do many things, even at night (Rosenbaum). Whenever people talk about New York, we think of movies, a land of wonderful opportunities that could lead into The American Dream. These opportunities are for everyone, not just people who are from the city, even from people that come from absolutely nothing. This makes it one of the best wonderful cities in the world, there’s so much variety of skills that people have, because of the people that come from different places in the world. Because of this, no one will feel alone in this city (Rashid). There are millions of people walking down the streets, laughing, interacting, and since they know that the chances of them seeing you again are very slim, they become very extrovert, especially the people that are from around. This is good if you’re trying to make friends, because you can meet a lot of people and if you don’t want to keep hanging out with them, you could just dismiss them or keep in touch. One of the negatives that this city has is that some places are very dirty and smell bad (“Why is New York”). Because of the big amounts of people making trash in the streets and their houses. But the trash accumulations happen because the budget of the city is very small for sanitation. If people cared about it enough and protested to put more attention on the sanitation, then the city would turn around and change some things, but it seems to not be a problem for New Yorkers since this hasn’t happened. For me, this wouldn’t be a problem, since I was

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