New York City

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New York City was the center for the transporting goods in and out of the city. Businesses were on the rise as well for the working class but it that slowly declined due to the war and destruction of slave plantations. Following this destruction, New York became America’s metropolis following in the footsteps of London and Paris. Later, the Political powers that be became involved to control commerce and the classification of workers. There was a classification of jobs distinguishing the middle class from the lower-class artisans. They were made up small master, masters, journeymen and apprentices also known as artisans. Craftsman who were referred to as the working-class elite which was a prestigious job to secure. Clerks and unskilled workers were male’s workers and domestic servants were mainly women. The Treaty of Ghent ended the war of 1812 which marked the return of commerce. This allowed shipping to Britain to resume between Manhattan and Britain. In addition, the Erie Canal enlarged the area of shipping in and out of New York. New York was considered the ‘business capital” with a growing population. It was a popular place for foreign tourist and attracted immigrants. With the population increasing, New York wanted to expand their industrial city to raise capital by adding more real estate such as mills and shops for the everchanging city. Unfortunately, the obstacles faced were the excessive cost in real estate. Trading, Bartering, Shipping, Land

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