New York City Vs. Los Angeles

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New York City vs. Los Angeles: East Coast to West Coast
For Christmas and my sixteenth birthday present my parents planned a trip for me to go to New York City with my dad. Two days after Christmas me and my dad hopped on the plane and headed for New Jersey and New York City. I was very excited because I had been to New Jersey but I never visited New York City before. I also remember being excited because of that fact that I would actually get to see snow in the winter since it rarely ever snowed in Houston during the winter. Then that next year during my junior year in High School, I had the opportunity to go on a trip to Los Angeles with my drill team. I was very excited to get to go to both of these huge awesome cities in that two year period. Both of these cities were unique in their own way. So what makes a city similar to another city and what makes a city different to another city? The people, the weather, the vibe, the monuments and popular attractions are all some of the components of what makes a city unlike any other city. My two favorite cities besides Houston are New York and Los Angeles. I have visited both and like them both equally for different reasons. While New York and Los Angeles definitely have their similarities, they also have many differences that set them apart from each other.
In New York they experience all four seasons. The leaves change colors in the fall, it snows in the winter, the grass gets greener because it rains a lot in the spring, and
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