New York Immanuel Research Paper

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Sunday, March 27. After all the festivities were just about wrapped up, It was time for testimony.
New York Immanuel's(M) Dorothy opened up by saying "The spirit will open up our mouths. That's his work" The person who gave testimony was

Michael-Dover." I read recently that when Judah sold Jesus, he really sold himself because Jesus lived, loved and came to die for us all, that's how much Judah was worth to Jesus. But when he sold himself for the silver coins, he pretty much said that was how much his life was worth. So now I'm slowly seeing that walking in sin is doing the same-saying that this evil thing is how much I'm worth. I also empathize with Judah. He could have been a kid like me who saw a lot of messed up situations that hardened his heart. He wasn't some special evil sinner, he was just like me, sinful yet loved.
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"God has revealed so much to me in these 3 days. So many great points I jotted down from sermons and messages and even songs that touched my heart. The sermons opened my heart. God has been seeking me my whole life, but daily things distracted me. But I've learned that no job or duty is more important than serving God."
She continued, "This whole retreat was a moment of God speaking to me. The prayer meeting was a time when God reminded me of Pentecost. the part in the book of acts where the spirit came down and the tongue was given to the disciples came to mind. The power of the prayer meetings were so strong on me. I'm praying for the gifts of the spirit. My granny spoke in tongue and pastor Ileane said I should pray for it too. I use to pray for it as a youth, but gave up", and she finished by adding
"I want to do some mission work. I'm currently unemployed, and It hurts when family calls me a loser for having no job. God told me I don't need to do a regular job. I need to do something with a purpose. I will be a missionary by God's grace.
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