New York. It'S The Early 2000’S And Somewhere In Brooklyn

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New York. It 's the early 2000’s and somewhere in Brooklyn there is a girl; a very pretty girl, trying to figure out her life. She’s in her fourth year at NYU- Tish School of the arts, as a musical theater major. She wants to be on Broadway she thinks, lately she has had second thoughts. She 's not sure if she can take any more rejection. Her mom, this career, and her ex-boyfriend who doesn 't seem to know what he wants. She doesn 't like the rejection. She needs coffee. New York. It’s the early 2000’s and somewhere in Brooklyn there is a boy; a daringly handsome boy, trying to figure out why he decided to listen to his father and go into law school. He is in his third year of law school at Columbia. He hates it. He wants to be a…show more content…
The boy looks at the girl and is mesmerized by the impeccable shape of her eyes. He grins back.
“Oh, no. I just wanted to check the time out. I hate coming here because it 's always so packed but I love it at the same time because no really pays attention to you.”
“Yea, I know. I love that I can probably fall on the floor in this place and no will seem to even notice or care for that matter.”
They both chuckle and then a brief awkwardness occurs. The boy looks at the girl and smiles. The line moves up just a little.
“So, what’s your name?”
“Alexa, yours?”
“It’s John.”
“Uhm, that’s a common name.”
“Well that 's a good observation. John is a very common name. So many great men are named John. My father being one of them. I’m John Junior and my father is John Senior. It is a name with power my mother will always say.”
“Oh well I am a good observer. Though I’m not sure if John is a name with power. When I see a guy who’s name is John I don’t think oh that 's powerful man, I say oh he looks like a John and you my friend look like a John.” An infectious smile comes on John’s face. Alexa smiles back and the line moves, Alexa is next. She walks up to the register and orders a small vanilla ice coffee with soy. She pays for her coffee and steps to the side to wait. John walks up to the counter and orders a soy hot chocolate. He pays for it and stands on the side to wait for his drink. John and Alexa stand next to
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