New York, Los Angeles And Chicago

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Date: My Home Town Although USA has many different cities, in this discussion, we will be limited to three Cities i.e. New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. In the 3 cities we shall broadly discuss the growing up experience in each of the 3 states, strategic features and their staple foods. Finally, the New South Wales in Australia and London in UK would also be looked at. Lenape, an Algonquin who were hunters, fishers and farmers were the first natives of New York. As a result when you meet people from New York interrogate them immediately on where exact they lived on to see if they really mean it (Siegal, Allan and William 98). Childhood in New York city was characterized by: First, going to school that actually had racial diversity, learning how to ride the subways and catch up public buses at a very tender age, having friends from all socioeconomic backgrounds, when you watched movies filmed in New York, you could almost always recognize where they are so easily, begging your parents to let you take gymnastics and ice skating lessons at Chelsea Piers, tasting every kind of cuisine out there ( from Ethiopian to Greek-Japanese-Spanish fusion), Facebook albums from high school which often featured the backdrop of the Union Square, high schools full of metal detectors and many security guards, knowing the Grand Prospect Hall , and knowing what the owners look like, knowing who Doctor Zizmor is and that it’s worth your time to queue at Gray’s Papaya and
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