New York State Department Of Taxation And Finance

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Tax collection is an important source of revenue for New York State’s local governments. The revenue collected from taxes goes up to $1 billion annually [1], but the amount was still low and the process of collection in Department of Taxation and Finance (DTF) needed improvements. The DTF of New York State worked with IBM to use prescriptive analytics in the development of a more effective approach to tax collection. The system optimizes the collection procedures of agents with appreciation to maximizing long-term incomes, while taking into account the complex dependencies among business needs, resources, and legal restrictions. A tool for data visualization was also implemented that would provide DTF employees with the means to view and act upon the tax collection data that was acquired. The result was an increase in collections from delinquent payers of $83 million (8 percent) over two years [1]. The result has helped increase the revenue and decrease the enforcement actions.


The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance (NYS DTF), headquartered in Albany, is the State 's government body responsible for handling all tax related revenues and also for enforcing taxation laws. It has been operational since January 1, 1927 and focuses on maintaining a healthy balance between the residents ' voluntary compliance to its laws and policies and on enforcing its tax laws when they must be. The Department also has a law enforcement
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