New York State Report

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New York has always been a leading influence in history when it came to its geographical location, economy, and power in the United States. New York is the third most populated state with close to 19.5 million people living there today. Their state motto is Excelsior, “ever upward”, which truly was exemplified after the disaster of 9/11. New York has shown the nation how to get back up after literally being torn down. Even with their past history, they’ve maintained to be one of the top leading and beautiful states today. Their state flower is a rose as it symbolizes love and beauty. Their capital city is Albany, which has a long history of it’s own. In 1664, the Dutch surrendered their power to the British. King Charles II granted the territory of New York and several other areas to his brother James, the Duke of York and Albany. He changed the already established cities of Beverwyck and New Amsterdam—what is New York City today—to Albany and New York. In the 18th century, Albany was a trading center specifically for salve trade as Africans were being brought there. Albany was used as a center for military planning and as a supply center for the French and Indian war and for the American Revolution. Later as New York was forming it’s state government they were deciding on the state capital. They were torn between New York City and Albany as they are both quite popular and…
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