New York Stock Exchange, a Global Marketplace

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The New York Stock Exchange traces its origin back 200 years. Centuries of growth and innovation the NYSE remains the world's foremost securities marketplace. Over the years its commitment to investors has been unwavering and its persistent application of the latest technology has allowed it to maintain a level of market quality and service that is unparalleled. The NYSE has grown to become the global marketplace of today. Each day on the NYSE trading floor and auction takes place. Open bid and offers are managed on the trading floor page of by exchange members acting on behalf of institutions and individual investors. Buy and sell orders for each listed security meet directly on the trading floor in assigned locations. The…show more content…
For more than 125 years, NYSE arbitration has been used to resolve disputes between investors and brokers. Arbitration is often viewed as a practical alternative to lengthy and expensive litigation. The New York Stock Exchange also offers mediation as a way to resolve disputes. Mediation is a voluntary process where the mediator meets with the parties to help them reach a settlement. The mediator does not have the power to decide the case. Mediation is not adversarial; there is no record of the mediation. Overall the NYSE is the financial heart of New York. It is the center of stock trading. Whenever anybody ever thinks of stocks they think of the New York Stock Exchange. It is a fast paced place that is unique in its own way. Where else can you find 44 million dollars change hand on pieces of

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