New York Times Columnist Thomas Friedm The Inexorable Integration Of Markets, Transportation Systems, And Communication Systems

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New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman defines globalization as “the inexorable integration of markets, transportation systems, and communication systems to a degree never witnessed before – in a way that is enabling corporations, countries, and individuals to reach around the world farther, faster, deeper, and cheaper than ever before.” (Friedman, 2002). Corporations can no longer operate exclusively in one or two countries. Today’s markets are far too complicated and interdependent for that. As globalization expands managers spend more and more time navigating the world to conduct business.

Managers are responsible for using resources, including personnel, to ensure a company’s success by meeting its overall goals and objectives. This alone can be a challenge, but when operations cross national borders, it can be particularly difficult. Mangers face unpredictable and sometimes hostile environments in areas they often know little about. In their book “Management Across Cultures,” Richard Steers, Carlos Sanchez-Runde, and Luciara Nardon discuss ten specific people related challenges managers face that can mean the difference between success and failure in the global market (Steers, Sanchez-Runde, & Nardon, 2010).

“Challenge #1: Develop a learning strategy to guide both short- and long-term professional development as a global manager.” (Steers, Sanchez-Runde, & Nardon, 2010). Successful global managers must be dedicated to learning and must

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