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Colin pounds on his piano with fervor and intensity, meticulously striking each note. As he plays his last chord, he leaves his audience in awe. Dubbed the “crazy piano guy” of New York City, he and other vibrant folk reside in the center of New York University's campus: Washington Square Park. The free-spirited, expressive vibe of Washington Square Park is a symbol of NYU itself; its students and staff constantly emanate this exciting ambience, both outside and inside the classroom. Dorming at NYU is quite an experience, as NYU makes sure my roommate comes from an entirely different location and background. NYU ensures I get a personal diverse experience, whether it be in the NYC dorms or on the Shanghai or Abu Dhabi campus. Learning about different cultures and ethnicities is a passion of mine, and this fascinating chance to form close bonds with someone completely unalike me is something NYU readily offers.
Being interested in the Biology program at the College of Art and Sciences grants me the chance to perform research in the most resourceful city in the world. The thought of conducting research with a faculty member from the American Museum
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My other interest besides biology is mathematics, and through Gallatin, I could create a major that would incorporate both interests and form a concentration in biomathematics. I can arrange my curriculum and take the best classes offered at any of the NYU schools, from Biology and Mathematics courses in CAS to Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering courses in Polytechnic, in order to shape myself into a unique individual who incorporates all of her interests into one concentration.
NYU offers everything I need to acquire a stimulating and productive college experience. From its location in the greatest city on earth, to its diverse and vibrant student body and environment, to its acclaimed programs and schools, the question that needs to be asked is, why not
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