New York is the City of Dreams

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New York is the city of opportunity, it has been a home for many who have immigrated through the famous Elis Island in hopes of creating a better life and living an american dream, for others it is an inspiration and a place to chase their dreams. The city that never sleeps is a place where millions of people daily are all trying to accomplish something. The song “Empire State of Mind” by rapper Jay Z and Alicia Keys released in October of 2009, reminds us just what New York represents. Both artists reveal details about them self and what allowed them to make it to where they are now while being able to say what New York is and what it exactly means. This song is very Sinatra influenced and all based off of Alicia Keys piano melody that was used in her solo version of this song. Throughout the piece it sounds like she is slashing a few piano keys together to make the constant one two three sound that is continuous through out the whole song. It begins with rapping from Jay Z, about New York being his city being born and raised in the borough of Brooklyn but now living in Tribeca next to De Niro, meaning he lives next to celebrities now that he has become successful. The verses are littered with details from his biography, he gives shout-outs to his wife Beyoncé Knowles ("BK is from Texas"), to his trendsetting adornment of the Yankee hat, and right down to a mention of a real address he once lived at ("my stash spot, 560 State Street"). What he is saying is similar to
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