New York 's 30th Congressional District

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House Election Paper: New York’s 22nd Congressional District In the central New York farmland that includes Chenango, Cortland, Madison and Oneida counties and parts of Broome, Herkimer, Tioga and Oswego counties, there is an ugly three-way race for the 22nd congressional district’s seat, currently held by progressive republican Richard Hanna, who is retiring at the end of his current term. A standard sized district with roughly 720,000 citizens, this rural patch of eight counties and three universities has been faced with a drastically falling population and an ever-growing absence of jobs. With an 8.4% unemployment rate and a median household income of only 45,000 dollars, the district that includes hard-hit rust belt cities like Utica and Binghampton has seen population levels decreasing significantly since the manufacturing industry in New York fell by the wayside decades ago. There are 130,000 registered voters in the district, with 35% being democrats, 38% republicans, and another 19% independent. A slightly leaning republican voter base now roots most their careers in farming, and feel the most important issue in their district is jobs, with second amendment rights and climate change as other hot button issues. The 22nd district is firmly Trump territory, with the Donald enjoying a double-digit lead over Hillary Clinton. The current congressman, Richard Hanna, is not drinking the Trump kool-aid at all. As one of the most progressive republicans in the House of

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