New York 's Jewish Museum

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Crowdsourced Documentation September 16, 2016, Take me (I’m Yours) took place at New York’s Jewish Museum, as its first ever exhibition made possible by the digital crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter. With a total $31,018 pledged, 340 backers helped forty-two international and intergenerational artists create 400,000+ artworks to be given away during this unconventional exhibition, visitors are encouraged to participate, touch, and even take the artworks on view home with them. Crowdfunding has become commonplace in the art world, but the Jewish Museum launched its first Kickstarter campaign for a number of reasons, of course, in order to fabricate the thousands upon thousands of artworks needed to keep the show fully-stocked throughout its run. Also, through Kickstarter platform, it creates a real Receive Me (I’m Yours) dynamic for reaching a real community around the museum, staging a online dialogue with its donors, eventually orchestrating a unique network in which participatory behaviours translate the collective online vision into physical space. Take me (I’m Yours) aims to create a democratic space for all visitors to take ownership of artworks, and curate their personal art collections, by subverting typical museum practices. Visitors constantly transform the landscape of the galleries, bit by bit, through direct engagement, eventually the exhibition will disappear entirely. (Museum, 2016a) “Take Me (I’m Yours)” is an “extremely radical exhibition that really
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