New York 's Largest Public Accounting

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Freed Maxick CPAs is a one of Western New York’s largest public accounting firms and also top 100 firm in the United States. Freed serves closely held business, SEC companies, governmental and non-for-profit companies nationally and internationally. The Certified Public Accountants that work for Freed Maxick are high performance individuals who help guide their clients through business growth, compliance with standards, security and innovation. Freed has over 300 professional and administrative personnel that are located across New York in Buffalo, Batavia, Rochester and Syracuse. They are a highly respectable firm and an alternative to the “Big 4” that specialize in five major accounting practices, making Freed Maxick CPAs an ideal place…show more content…
The segregation of cubicles and offices is important because newcomers are less likely to interact or meet with Clients one on one as managers or partners of the firm do regularly. Audit and Tax employees tend to work in small teams or groups to fulfill tasks that are asked of them because of this Freed also provides a variety of open workspace and access to conference rooms to accommodate the audit and tax teams. Sometimes the teams may travel together to Clients that are based out of the New York area and report back to the office to finalize assignments together before they are turned over to higher management. Mr. Aquino stressed the importance of employees working together because it allows the individuals to share knowledge and review each other’s work for accuracy and efficiency. Employees are responsible for helping Clients and ensure that they are satisfied with the services they receive from the firm. The most efficient way to contact Clients is by phone conference or email chains. Due to the takeover of technology emailing chains are convenient to getting answers quickly while ensuring all appropriate individuals are listed on the chain. Phone conferences are also very common more so for Clients that happen to not be in the New York area. Mr. Aquino states that when possible meeting at the Client’s workplace at their scheduling needs is most ideal, it ensures the Client that Freed Maxick cares
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