New Yorkies Research Paper

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If you are looking for a dog with attitude then Yorkshire terriers will perfectly suit you. Although Yorkies are not big dogs and look very sweet, they think that they are huge and can easily achieve a victory over all other dogs on the globe.

Yorkies` hair is usually long and beautiful. Sometimes it may seem that they are gliding across the floor since their small feet are barely visible. Their coat colour is as a rule black with tan accents.

These doggies can make perfect apartment dogs from the reason that they are small and quickly get used to life in a big city. However, if you live in the country they greatly adapt to such a life: Yorkies willingly explore new places and objects. So, you have to be certain that there are no holes or breaks on your fence because Yorkies are always ready to discover new lands. But if you want to keep your pet inside all the time
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They adore being the centre of attention and feel love from all people around them. As a rule they love their new family and readily take part in each family activity. But keep in mind: if there are babies or small children you shouldn`t think over this breed. They are extremely delicate and little kids may easily injure the dog squeezing or poking it.

In spite of the fact Yorkies are small their nature might be pretty mischievous and capricious. So, providing a proper training for the dog is a must. They must understand that you are a dominant person. Don`t forget about obedience classes which sometimes may safe your pet`s life.

Commonly, Yorkies don`t develop any serious diseases. Though, it was noticed that they are inclined to dental problems, hernias and hypoglycemia. But if you provide them the necessary care and grooming they will be completely happy.

Many people love dogs. And a number of them are searching for Yorkie puppies. Luckily it is not difficult today as this Yorkie puppies site can propose Yorkie puppies for you to buy
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