New Zealand Involvement During The Afghanistan War

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New Zealand involvement in the Afghanistan War, related to the war in Afghanistan which has occurred from 1978 – referred to as the second Afghan Civil War ("Afghanistan Key facts and figures,"). Afghanistan is very complex place, with many different ethnic groups and languages, this is due to the geographical location of Afghanistan, a bit of a intersection of sorts culturally, the conflict that mostly influenced the beginning of what would eventually get New Zealand involved in the Afghanistan war was when Russia was pushing for more control and bordering on Afghanistan –this lead to communism with the Soviet Union, then the communism movement collapsed, and the eventual taking over of control of Afghanistan occurred by the Taliban– The Taliban were in control from around 1992 . But from 1996 to 2001 was the period commonly referred to as the “Taliban period” ("Taliban Facts, information, pictures,")– when the Taliban were most dominant. The Taliban originated from northern Pakistan, and were resistance fighters known as Mujahideen, who fought against the Russian Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan ("Taliban Regime,"). The Taliban are a Islamic fundamentalist political organisation that formed a government, and ruled the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, initially looking like saviours to the people as they fought and won against a Russians, but once they took over they inflicted strict and harsh policies upon the people of Afghanistan, and were well
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