New Zealand 's Energy Supply

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Dear Prime Minister,
I believe that New Zealand’s energy supply is secure for the future. From my research, I have found that from 1974 to 2009 the electricity demand has more than doubled in size. Currently, most of New Zealand’s energy is generated from renewable sources which mean that it can be used by future generations to come; we do not need to be concerned that they will cease to exist.
However, New Zealand has been named as one of the least energy efficient countries in the world and therefore, I propose implementing strategies in order to make New Zealand more energy efficient and this will mean that less energy is wasted which will benefit New Zealand’s energy supply. I propose more power stations in North Island as that would reduced line loss as most customers are in North Island so less energy is lost in transmission. Although, 75% of all energy production is already renewable, I propose for at least 90% of New Zealand’s energy to be renewable in the future and this will minimise the effects of fossil fuel generation such as global warming and air pollution. Because of this, I think that the amount of wind power should be increased; we should not build nuclear power plants because uranium waste is a hazard to the environment and fossil fuel electricity use should decrease because it will run out.
Electricity is produced in New Zealand predominately through hydropower, geothermal power and wind energy which are renewable energy sources. There are numerous
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