New Zealand 's Food And Beverage Department

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The Foodbowl

The FOODBOWL is an open department that is designed to facilitate innovation in New Zealand’s food and beverage department. It is an easy accessible facility that can provide for small or large companies, even if they are just starting up. The Foodbowl is a national network of science and technology resources that are created to support the growth of both Food & Beverage businesses. The FOODBOWL was designed as a facility where any company can produce larger commercial runs of new products for trial marketing and can even capitalise on both the local and overseas opportunities. The FOODBOWL was partly created because the innovation is helping to develop new product ideas which meet the changing customer preferences and that they are competitive and sustainable in the global markets, so there is a potential for companies to earn more from food exports by developing higher products in New Zealand. New Zealand companies face challenges too, the New Zealand population is relatively small and the distance from overseas markets are quite a challenge for food companies developing products for export. Products take a while to ship overseas, so because of this the food products need to last longer so that they remain safe especially well beyond their shipping time. Plus, it’s also challenging for small start up companies to go from advertising kitchens to higher levels. They also have to spend a lot of money on either new equipment or the raw materials. But at the

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