Essay on New technologies dismiss social relationships

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In this fast-changing world, new technologies have become essential in societies and have an impact on everyone’s life. This process of “technologization” has grown exponentially since the nineties and the beginning of the Internet, which has significantly decreased boundaries of communication. Some expert agreed that new technologies would make communication and exchange easier, and thus give an incentive to communicate with other people. However, those change have caused communication to change and people have totally change their way to communicate. Ever since people have become increasingly dependent on those technologies because they only see their advantages and convenience for everyday life. New technologies dismiss social…show more content…
This process has changed a lot over centuries; people do not communicate the same ways. The Internet access is a good indicator of this change because it allows people to communicate in many different ways such as social networks, email, or video calls (Skype). According to the INSEE, the number of French households with an access to the Internet grew from 12 % to 64 % in ten years. The first reason why new technologies dismiss social relationships is because more technologies mean less face-to-face and therefore less communication. Most of digital technologies such as the Internet, cellphones, television, and video games feature screens, which people use to communicate. According to Krystel Tong’s presentation, 57 per cent of people are more likely to communicate online rather than by face-to-face. However, tone and body language are key points of communication, therefore this lack of face-to-face communication can lead to misunderstandings. According the BBC news, for some people this lack of interaction also creates a feeling of isolation. A survey done by researchers from University of Michigan showed that the more people use Facebook the more they feel lonely and deserted. For some other people, new technologies can contribute to people acting violently. As Leo Kelion reported, in August 2013, Hannah Smith, a British teenager aged 14 killed herself after being persecuted for months on the social network,
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