New vs. Used

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The mindset this day in age is buying new is buying better. In some instances I whole heartedly agree. For example, underwear, mattresses, and shoes are a few things I would never buy used. Obviously no one wants to where someone else’s undergarments or sleep on a piece of furniture that maybe infested with who knows what. Used shoes can also be hazardous to your health because once a new shoe is worn it forms to that persons unique foot. Wearing shoes that are not conformed to your feet can cause back and posture problems. However, I do believe that in many instances buying used has many more positives than buying new. Buying certain things used not only cost less but may actually last longer and work better. Cars is one example of a…show more content…
Smaller condensers must work much harder than normal ones, causing them to burn out sooner. That means the refrigerator would have to be replaced in only a few years. If you were to buy an old refrigerator and run it with a power-controlling device it would be much cheaper in the long run. Refrigerators are just one example of household items your better off buying used. Purchasing used furniture can also save your checkbook and will usually last a lot longer than you think. Furniture built before the 1980’s was made to last. Chairs, tables, desks and shelving took months to make and were almost always hand crafted, each piece a little different from the next. The wood used to build these items was usually high quality wood such as oak , pine or maple. These pieces were usually assembled by tongue and groove which is small grooves made in the wood so each part snuggly fits into the groove of the other piece of wood. Furniture built today is no longer a hobby or craft but just another way to make money. The pieces built these days are made from compressed woods which is basically saw dust mixed with glue and compressed into a piece of wood. The furniture is held together usually with furniture glue or nails. Not only is furniture these days built not to last they lack in character and craftsmanship. Large companies mass produce cookie cutter furniture which loses value as soon as you bring it home. Older furniture cost less, last
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