Newark Nj Crime Essay

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Jasmin Wilson
English 101
August 6, 2011 Lay Off Of 167 Newark Police Officials Increases Crime in the City There are a lot of social problems in my community. The most current social issue is that Newark, NJ has laid off 167 police officials on November 30th of 2010. This was 14% of the police working for Newark. They were discharged from several precincts within Newark. Jen Chung from Gothamist stated "crime has increased there have been numerous carjacking’s—victims include a staffer in the NJ Attorney General's office and a Newark school principal—and shootings (since Thursday, four people have been shot dead and six have been wounded)." Since the layoff of police, residents have
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Robert Andrews a laid off officer stated in the Star Ledger “I’m concerned with the citizens," he said. "If it took 167 of us to bring Newark back, how can they go on without us?"(Giambusso and Friedman,” Laid off Newark police officers cope with unemployment.”) Secondly, Crime will decrease in Newark, NJ by the city assigning more officers to be on patrol instead of doing desk work. If there were more cops on patrol there would not be a lot of crime rate to begin with. Some officers do not get the chance to patrol. If Newark assigns these officers to patrol instead of doing desk work the crime rate would instantly drop like when Newark had its first crime free month since 1966. Newark is a large city that need close attention because of poverty and etc… People cannot even walk down the street without worrying whether or not they will come back alive or dead. Robert Andrews also told the Star Ledger “he had been inundated with calls from residents to patrol Newark’s streets.”?”(Giambusso and Friedman,” Laid off Newark police officers cope with unemployment.”) If somebody does not step up to the plate Newark residents will be in jeopardy again. Last but not least, Crime will decrease in Newark, NJ by starting neighborhood watch programs. If residents are informed about neighborhood watch programs that will be anonymous then crime will also be less. If there was a program started that allowed residents