Newborn Care Interview Essay

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A/B Test for Client X: Newborn Care App I believe an infographic would be an ideal digital marketing tool to get information about the app to new mothers. New mothers, and fathers, are figuring out their new routines, and how to manage their time while getting very little sleep. New mothers spend a lot of time sitting down feeding their baby. I don’t think they are enjoying many, if any, extended internet surfing sessions. They are more likely quickly scanning Facebook, or Instagram to post more pictures of the new addition, or reading the comments about the pictures that were posted previously. These new mothers are not going to spend a lot of time digging for information. Therefore, an infographic would get the important bullets of how this tracking app could help manage and create routines. The infographic should be A/B tested. Assuming the app has been tested sufficiently, my recommendation would be to test when the campaign starts. I believe that having a product available now instead of having to read about it, and then wait is critical for a new mother whose life has been altered drastically. They likely don’t have the time, or care to remember something they read about previously. The versions of the A/B test infographic could include one with a picture of a smiling,…show more content…
The stay at home mom, and the working mother. The working mother may not be as inclined to use the app, because she will not be the one administering all of the feedings, and naps. Data on how long moms plan on staying home before returning to work could be measured also. The app maybe use just as much by any mom while she is at home. It seems that a stay at home mother would be more likely to use the app on a regular extended basis. Adding a question in the sign up phase as to whether or not the subscriber is a stay at home, or working mother would allow for measuring if either type of mother saw a practical use for them
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