Newburyport High School History

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Newburyport High School is filled with memories from years and years before. From the sports and clubs through the renovations, past schools, and traditions this school has been through everything and now it has the tech, updated classrooms, amazing teachers, and great history.

Though it is known as Newburyport High School now it used to be called the Consolidated High and Putnam School. And before that it was all separate schools. There was the Putnam Free School, The Female School, and The Brown High School. But in 1843 they merged and became the Consolidated High and Putnam School but in 1889 the name was changed to Newburyport High School.

Newburyport High School Offers several sports and clubs. Golf, Football, Soccer, Softball, Baseball,
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In History there are World History Part I, World History Part II, World History Part III, United States History Part I, United States History II & III , Civics and Government History, and Social Studies Elective.

The Traditions of Newburyport high school are color day, which is held the day before thanksgiving and every grade dresses up in team colors and perform a skit or a song that corresponds to the theme that they chose for that year, and there are two different competitions, one for school colors whichever grade dresses up in school colors the most wins then whoever has the best skit or song wins. Another tradition is Senior week, senior week is during the last week of school and it is where all the seniors do activities each day of the week like, ivy day, vespers, senior sing out, prom, a banquet, and of course graduation.

Overall Newburyport High School Has been through it all and has incredible history, memorable traditions, astonishing Academics, historical past schools, many sports, useful and fun clubs, and a breathtaking theatre program. Newburyport High School is the place to be for High
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