Newcomers Organizational Model

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There are many organizational models that are discussed in Chapter 6 of the text. One of them is the Newcomers Centers, which is a program offered to new immigrants where they can learn in a safe environment that will foster their language while teaching them English and building their self-esteem. Also, the programs can be included in the school within a school or separate facility. Additionally, the time can be half a day, full day, and even afterschool even though the students can go from a range of one month to four years. Even though, the positive of the Newcomers’ program there are still some negatives. Which are, the short program is not giving the students the mastery of the English Language that is needed, it can take up to five years for an Els to mastery English. Secondly, content vocabulary as stated in Chapter 6 in an academic instruction where content is rich and meaningful ().…show more content…
TBE program gives students a transition into English speaking classrooms. While in class they learn their content through their home language using an alternative teacher. However, they are learning English daily in class. The programs may last about two to three years that is stated in the text (). At the same time, the students can’t cognitive demanding task when asking in English. Similar, as stated that the ELS students can master the English Language in about five years but TBE program only last three years. Nevertheless, organizational programs have negatives or faults, but they are still trying to give bilingual students much English as possible while helping feel as comfortable as
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