News And Notes From The Board

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News and Notes from the Board
July Board Meeting Summary – July 28th, 2015
- The board reviewed and approved minutes for June 23rd revised minutes (visit GLE website for recent minutes and financials at - Documents - 2015 Minutes and Financials).
- The board reported that Spectrum Association Management (Spectrum AM) will become the new management company effective 8/1/2015. During the month of August, DTA Community Management Services will continue to provide transition services and provide final records delivery to the board and Spectrum AM, but direct all vendor and homeowner service needs to Spectrum for fulfillment.
- Board reported it had sent a letter of intent to owners of reserves where dirt mining is being
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As a result, the board reported a resolution has been passed which would reduce the POA 's liability exposure based on this potential threat. The board is working on enforcement of the resolution which would include at least a 30-day notice period before fines began, with signs posted and letters going out to all homeowners prior to fines being assessed.
- The board discussed that it has approached consolidated inconsistent internet service within GLE. The board will approach options and contact Comcast to determine the parameters required to provide service in GLE.
- Several guests from the community expressed concerns and issues for the board 's consideration in a question and answer session of approximately 20 minutes following agenda completion and the meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30 p.m.

Notes from the Board
RUN FOR THE BOARD: If you are interested in running for one of the 2 open board slots, please take the time to fill out the "Run for the Board" form on the website so that we can make sure your name is included on the ballot mailed to all homeowners. Nominations will be taken from the floor at the annual meeting. (I understood it will not be taken)
FENCING COMMITTEE VOLUNTERS: Ali Eichenberg volunteered to be the board liaison for committee and homeowner Victor Pena will chair the committee. The
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