News Commentary On Crime And The Media

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Lastly, the dramatization by news programs today produces a glamorization of crime. News stories on crimes are extremely popular due to the fact that audiences’ remember bad news much easier than good news. Take history for example, much of history is filled with recounts of gruesome murders, wars, and scandals. An estimated 71 million viewers across the country tune in to their local news station’s broadcast (Yanich, 2004, p. 537). It can easily be assumed then that an estimated 71 million people will know the basic details of a crime that their news station is broadcasting. Crimes and their corresponding cases are exceedingly well known by viewers at the time when they are broadcasted; people know the names of the suspects, victims, and the main details of the crime itself. As posited in Yanich’s article (2004) on crime and the media, “The media’s treatment of and its relationship to crime and justice policy has received much attention.”(p. 535). With all of this attention on crimes in the news it is not surprising that in many instances alleged or even convicted criminals are seen as celebrities. These criminals receive ample airtime, and in many situations crimes and criminals that are highly broadcasted in the news are often later turned into big blockbuster movies. Movies such as Psycho, Bonnie and Clyde, and Zodiac are all based upon real life criminals and crimes. Some serial killers even have secret admirers that are obsessed with them. These admirers send these…

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