News, In Many Forms, Describes Events And Relays Information

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News, in many forms, describes events and relays information to those who are interested or uniformed. Television programs, newspapers, online articles are a few forms of media that have become easily assessable. Mainstream media can also include Facebook, Twitter and other online social media sources. The main focus of this paper will be on The Akron Beacon Journal, the 10 o’clock Channel 8 news, and online news sources. In all three forms of media, the most popularized event is the recent shooting of Robert Goodwin Sr. by Steven Stephens. Limited criminal activates were reported, possibly due to the tragic event of the shooting, but the few that were reported will be described and examined. The Akron Beacon Journal from April 17th 2017,…show more content…
Overall, this news program covered crime, sports, weather, family stories, and international politics. Like the newspaper, the news program also showed the Facebook killing and the rise in tension between North Korea and the United States. Unlike the newspaper, the news program reported on a greater amount criminal stories, community events, and a more in-depth look at the weather. The main stories covered were two men being placed behind bars for burglary and robbery in Painesville, a story of an eight year old who caused the death of a one year old, and the “Facebook Killer” at large.
First, the two men who were jailed are located in Lakewood County Jail for their part in a burglary earlier that day in Painesville. The crime resulted in SWAT being called in after a standoff started between the brothers and the police occurred. This standoff ended when the SWAT arrived and captured the armed criminals, few other details were reported on. Next, a brief story covered the death of a one year old caused by an eight year old. The child was described as a victim of abuse and neglect, while at a local daycare. Lastly, the new program reported on the “Facebook Killer” and his evasion of police in the Cleveland area. This story has dominated the media from newspaper to television, with newspapers only covering the brief relevant information while the news program went into greater detail. The information stated by the news program was more updated than the

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