Newspaper Reading Habits

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Our Research Proposal Topic:Newspaper reading habits 1) Problem Definition: -What is the purpose of the study? Our purpose is to find out the number of students who prefer newspapers in our college campus. -How much is already known? So far there is no data collected on this topic. But the reason behind choosing this topic is to know how many people prefer newspapers over any other source of news related information such as magazines, journals, internet and so on. -Is additional background information necessary? There is no requirement of background information as we are using direct observation methods in the form of questionnaire. -What is to be measured?…show more content…
3) Data Gathering: -Who will gather the data? Our group members will collect the data. Our group members are Ashish, Chethan, Jithin, Leo and Rohit. -How long will data gathering take? It will take around 3-4 days. -How much supervision is needed? A lot of supervision will be required by our group members as the data gathered maybe replaced or maybe lost in the process which will affect the result of our research. -What procedures will data collectors need to follow? Steps in Selecting a Sample-Size An appropriate sample size is based on a number of accuracy factors that you must consider. Together they comprise a five step process: 1. Determine Goals 2. Determine desired Precision of results 3. Determine Confidence level 4. Estimate the degree of Variability 5. Estimate the Response Rate Step One: Determine Goals • First, know the size of the population with which you’re dealing. If your population is small (200 people or less), it may be preferable to do a census of everyone in the population, rather than a sample. For a marginally higher cost than a 134-person sample, you can survey the entire population and gain a 0% sampling error. However, if the population from which you want to gather information is larger, it makes sense to do a sample. • Second, decide the methods and design of the sample you’re going to draw and the specific attributes or concepts you’re trying to measure. • Third, know
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