Newt Gingrich's Theory Of Coaching Skills

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Managing people in this day and age is now more about development and empowerment than it is about command and control. Increasingly, managers are taking a majority of the responsibility for ensuring that their staff members always have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform at the highest level possible. Managers are doing more coaching than ever before. For this reason, it is imperative that effective leaders master the skills necessary to become knowledgeable teachers and successful coaches because internal coaching is very important for the success of organizations. According to Manning & Curtis (2012), a learning organization uses six key ingredients to discover, create, and transfer knowledge and skills (P. 350). They are constantly in search of new knowledge and ways to apply it, review both successes and failures, benchmark and implement best practices, share lessons learned, reward innovation, and encourage experienced and new employees to learn to together (Manning & Curtis, 2012). Leaders who follow this tactic have a respectful attitude, build self-esteem, use the correct medium or combination of techniques, uses coaching rather than judging, and encourages repetitive practice to build proficiency (Manning & Curtis, 2012). Mary, my current manager, is a very capable …show more content…

According to my research on the internet, Newt Gingrich is a political leader who served as a teacher and a coach. His theory on leadership is to make sure that he first has the game plan straight in his own head, then get it straight with his support staff, then deliver it to the rest of his team (50 Famous Leaders, 2012). Gingrich believed that leadership was about listening, learning, helping and leading (Gingrich, 1997). Newt Gingrich has worked extensively on the issues of health and healthcare, devoting the majority of his time to advocating a transformation of the entire

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