Newton And Isaac Newton : The History Of Gravity

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Isaac Newton was a young, charismatic, and intelligent person when he found the biggest discovery of his life. Something so important that our society would not be as advanced or as prosperous as it is right now. It all began when Newton was sleeping on the stump of an apple tree when suddenly he woke up due to an unknown object falling on his head. When he saw the apple had fallen down by an unknown force, he began to speculate the causes of the fall. After a magnitude of research, he came to the conclusion that force that pulled the apple towards the ground is also the force which keeps us rooted to the ground as well. He coined the force ”Gravity” and began researching many unknown factors about it. With the help of other scientist and researchers, the understanding of gravity grew. We began to realize that gravity has a bigger role than making an apple fall and that its role has helped keep the ocean from being in the sky to keeping the lands from floating. When they began to apply it to space, they realized that earth is round because of gravity and that we actually circle the sun due to its immense gravitational pulls. Gravity is an important aspect of the human life that can be understood by learning its history, understanding the concepts, and realizing the enormous impact it has on life. Understanding and learning the history of gravity is advantageous as it teaches one through the means of how the concept was found and how it impacted the future. Like earlier, Sir Isaac Newton came up with the theory of Gravity when he was young hit by an apple. However, as time passed he had begun relating gravity to the moon and its orbit around the earth as well as the earth around the sun. Another part in History where gravity was a part was the Leaning Tower of Pisa. One of the world’s largest touring sights is the tower of Pisa but became leaning due to gravity. Though now reinforced, it was before placed above a bed of soft mud and sand. Due to the loss of rigidity in the ground, gravity was able to pull the tower though on one side causing it to lean. Now that you have learned the history of some famous stories containing gravity, try to understand the concept itself. The Gravitational concept is one of
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