Newton On The Tee : A Good Walk Through The Science Of Golf Essay

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Title: Newton on the Tee: A Good Walk Through the Science of Golf
In “Newton on the Tee”, John Zumerchik describes the “endless details that make golf such a tantalizing pursuit” in three main parts called; “The Physics of a Sweet Swing”, “Mind Over Muscle”, and “Getting the Ball from Here to There” (Zumerchik). The first section covers timing and positioning of a swing, the second discusses the movement and speed, and finally, the third discusses launch angles, spin, lift, and effects of gravity upon the ball. However, as the title suggests, the topic of the book is more towards the tee rather than what comes afterwards. The book is quite short and does a good job of providing details (for the most part) on the angles/ways of which one must swing his or her golf club; “keeping your knees bent and flexed during the backswing” so that one may achieve a desired distance with accuracy (Zumerchik). Zumerchik also states that one should position his or her club so that only the middle of the club will come in contact with the ball. Not only must one keep a relaxed arm while swinging, but also they must align their feet towards the ball, maintaining a slight bend in the knees. Zumerchik places an emphasis on posture and positioning to convey his ideas on how good posture and good positioning can create the desired outcome of one’s swing. His few tips are directed more towards improving one’s swing, also known as one’s tee off, so that he or she may have the…

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