Newton 's Laws Of Motion

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Newton’s Laws of motion has influenced the safety aspects on cars in a revolutionary way and has very much acted as a backbone of its development over the past century. Since, the invention of the first functioning car in 1885 by Karl Benz, the conception of a car has been completely transformed, from its design and engines to its safety features, everything has been entirely transmuted. Correlating the first functional car to the automobiles of the current period, the evident dissimilarity between the two are vast. The major features comprised within the first two-seated gasoline powered vehicle was the compressed high-speed single-cylinder four-stroke engine with an output of 0.55 kW and maximum speed of 16 km/h (, as shown…show more content…
Exemplifying this in a real-life context, if a tissue box is positioned on the back dashboard and if the car approaches to a sudden stop, the tissue box would fly forward and could potentially injure the occupants of the car. This example correlated to the Law of Inertia and seat belts because the car was travelling at an excessive speed, and when it came to a halt, the law of inertia made the tissue box fly forward as it continued to travel in its same motion, but if the tissue box was stationed by an external force, it wouldn’t fly forward. The major role of Seat belts’ in a collision is to prevent the passenger from moving around inside the car. After detecting an impact, the seat belts lock in place. At the point when the car collision occurs, there is no unbalanced force acting on the passenger, so they are jolted forward onto the windscreen as stated by Newton 's First Law. The seatbelts cause a controlled deceleration of the person, reducing the brutality of the injuries. As shown in Figure 2 in 2008 alone, more than 255,115 lives were saved as a result of seatbelts and since 1975, it has saved over 2,000,000 lives, proving its significance (, 2016). Eventhough Newton’s first law has inclined the introduction of this feature, Newton’s second law has also made a significant mark on safety aspect of cars. Newton’s second Law of Motion, which states that the larger the
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