Newton’s Laws of Motion in Modern Aircrafts

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The world today requires multiple ways of transport, especially over the Atlantic Ocean. During and before the 1900’s, transatlantic travels were very common and are mainly carried out via boats. However, due to the revolutionary change by the Wright brothers, in 1903, the creation of the propeller planes made shorter travel time between one country to another possible. As technology develops, the transportation of cargo and passengers via airplanes became easier and more efficient with the replacement of jet engines in July 16, 1949, by the famous inventor Frank Whittle (FindtheData, n.d.). The principles behind how a jet-engine powered aircraft works associate with many laws of physics, from Newton’s Law of Inertia to the Third Law of…show more content…
Due to the high speed rotation of the fans and turbines in the engine and the incredibly high operating temperature, (Wickerson, J. 2011) the materials needed to sustain the dramatic speed and temperature are highly expensive. Not only that, but the engines must have a low mass, so it doesn’t effect the total mass of the aircraft, meaning the funding costs will be incredibly high, an estimate of US$2 million. Continuing from that, is the high usage of fuel to power the engines, as they need to be powered constantly, than a fluctuating load. (Brain, M. 2000) Although the cost for the development of jet engines are expensive, it is very useful for transcontinental jet aircrafts, and it is worth the money to allow further developments, such as the increase in fuel efficiency, allowing a higher max endurance.
Secondly, “air transport’s contribution to climate change represents 2%” (CleanSky, n.d.) meaning the Carbon emission is high. Each year, aircrafts traveling across the world produce an estimate of 628,000,000 tonnes of CO2 annually. Not only does aircrafts pollute the skies with harmful emission, but it also causes noise pollution. (Amin, Z. n.d.) These are caused by the jet engines, the consumption of the fuel, and the process of the air going through the fans and turbines due to Newton’s second law of motion, there are consequences towards the usage of aircrafts. Hong Kong’s International Airport is named number 10 in the world as one of the world’s

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