Newton's Negative Neglect

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Newton's Negative Neglect Isaac Newton faced many hardships in his lifetime, yet managed to be internationally famous for his genius mathematical and physical discoveries, and remarkable inventions. Newton was extraordinary in the sense that he was able to endure complications in life and still be an enormous success. The majority of individuals would have cracked under the predicaments Newton faced. Newton overcame neglect by suppressing his emotions, defeating limitations of his time, and becoming one of the most noteworthy mathematicians and physicists in history. Isaac Newton had a tragic and unfortunate life ever since he was born. Three months prior to Newton’s birth, his father died. Then, when Newton was three years old, his…show more content…
The time limitations imposed on Newton seemed to be no match to his genius, besides the fact of the general public and others denying his new discoveries. Additionally, Newton overcame his time limitations by contributing new inventions and technology to the world. One of his most well known inventions is the pet door, which he created to end the problem of pets constantly scratching or standing and waiting at a door. His other popular invention is a greatly improved telescope. His telescope was more advanced than previous telescopes, due to his proprietary use of mirrors to look at objects at a distance (“Sir Isaac Newton;” Ball). This advancement in telescopes opened up numerous possibilities for astronomers. Newton's inventions further proved how he overcame even technological barriers of his time. Another issue Newton faced was false accusations. Newton had a dislike for publishing his works, until it seemed as if others were beginning to reveal the same things he did. For example, a man named Gottfried Leibniz began uncovering things in the field of calculus, a field Newton claimed to discover well before Leibniz had. Newton was then inclined to publish his work in calculus, just before Leibniz did, which led to major controversy to who actually uncovered the secrets of calculus. It is still in controversy today as to whether Newton plagiarized Leibniz's works, but Newton is widely known as the original father of calculus

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