Newton's Third Law Of Motion Research Paper

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Newton’s third law of motion also applied to the baseball and enhances baseball. Newton’s Third Law of Motion states that “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. (책) Baseball players, especially outfielders understand this as a baseball that goes up should come down. () Newton’s third law claims that whenever an object uses force on another object, the second applies an equal and opposite force from the first object. So, when the ball hits and reaches to the bat, the bat uses a force on the ball that equals of the ball on the bat. Also, there is a net force on the ball due to the forces acting on different bodies even these forces are both equal and opposite. (*) Additionally, 뉴턴의 운동 제3법칙인 작용과 반작용의 법칙은 타자에게 적용된다. 타자가 날아오는 야구공을 방망이로 치면 방망이는 그 반작용에 의해 뒤로 밀리는 힘을 받는다. 이 때 공이 방망이에 맞는 위치에 따라 타자에게 가해지는 충격량의 크기는 달라진다. 반작용에 의해 타자가 충격을 가장 적게 받는 위치를 '진동의 중심'이라고 한다. 또 투수가 던진 매우 빠른 공을 받아내는 포수에게도 작용과 반작용의 법칙은 적용된다. 포수와 공 사이에서 일어나는 작용과 반작용의 법칙에 의해 공은 멈추고 …show more content…

Also, the players’ hips, elbows and shoulders are working equal and opposite. They are all connected to each other and as well as the rotational mechanics. ($) In addition, skillful players use Newton’s third law to improve their play and to calculate the time taken for a ball to be thrown by the fielder to reach the target base. For example, Hall of Fame leadoff hitter Ricky Henderson used his velocity and the laws of motion to hit, get on base and obtain records of 1,406 bases. (&).To sum up, Newton’s third law of motion is applied to baseball closely and improved this sport with several physical concepts.

In conclusion, Newton’s three laws of motions are applied in several parts of baseball play and this sport has been enhanced through applications of laws of motion. A lot of skillful players are using this law to enhance their athlete

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