Newt's Changing Experiences: A Narrative Fiction

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You were best friends ever since he hoisted you out of the box. Newt’s insides lit up, just like how he imagined sunsets looked, when he saw you. You reminded him of what freedom must have felt like before the glade. You were his liberation, but to you, he was your calm. He was the far off galaxies deep in the confines of your forbidden memories, and occasionally you’d see the stars in his eyes when he’d throw you a long quiet glance. They weren’t rare in the slightest, but it was rare that you caught him staring at you. You’d always shiver and brush them off as daydreams of the world beyond the maze. A few months later, you heard him crying in his room in the dead of night. You knew he had nightmares, but you had never heard him cry before. Silently, you tiptoed in, sneaking passed the door to keep it from creaking and crawled under the sheets with him. Your arms wrapped around his shoulders, holding his back to your chest and rested your cheek on his messy head of hair. He woke up in torment, thinking he might still be trapped in the maze, but you held him as he jerked forward in fear. It took a few seconds for him to realize where he was, and who was holding him, their hushed whispers falling into his reality.…show more content…
He turned his head, straining his neck and squinting his eyes, staring into the midnight blue that engulfed the room at this time of night. You were nothing but a shadow to him, your silhouette bleeding into the darkness of his room. You tightened your grip on him, your face falling to his shoulder, “Yeah, I’m here. Don’t worry.” He sighed, laying his head on his pillow, listening to your heartbeat. You would have asked what happened that made this nightmare particularly bad; instead you laid there with him, rubbing circles on the tops of his hands quietly. It was then Newt realized he’d fallen for you. Not only were you his freedom, you were his
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